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285 Exploratory Experience (.pdf, 214K)
290 Independent Study (.pdf, 208K)
385 Practicum (.pdf, 205K)
390 Independent Study (.pdf, 208K)
450 Internship (.pdf, 269K)
460 Senior Research Project (.pdf, 152K)
490 Senior Honors Project (.pdf, 155K)
Application for Individualized Major (.pdf, 16K)
Application for Individualized Minor (.pdf, 18K)
Campus CLEP Materials (.pdf, 15K)
Campus DSST Materials (.pdf, 85K)
Declaration of Major and Minor (.pdf, 72K)
Directory Information Rescind Hold (.pdf, 31K)
Exception in Registration Request (.pdf, 84K)
FERPA Release (.pdf, 122K)
Individualized Major (.pdf, 16K)
Individualized Minor (.pdf, 18K)
Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application (.pdf, 146K)
Non-degree Registration Form (.pdf, 30K)
Part Time Registration Form (.pdf, 33K)
Petition Form (.pdf, 312K)
Transfer Approval Form (.pdf, 75K)
BSN Requirements (.doc, 33K)
BSW Requirements (.doc, 34K)
BUS Requirements (.doc, 30K)
CML Requirements (.doc, 30K)
English Waiver Permission (.doc, 25K)
English Waiver Procedure (classroom students) (.doc, 28K)
English Waiver Procedure (on-line students) (.doc, 39K)
FLE Requirements (.doc, 30K)
Life Learning Paper (LLP) Petition (.pdf, 31K)
LLP Restricted Topics (.pdf, 31K)
LLP Subject Area List (.pdf, 52K)
ORM Requirements (.doc, 137K)
Professional Development Credit Petition (.pdf, 17K)
Professional Development Credit Handout (.pdf, 27K)
Graduate Guest Student Application (.pdf, 30K)
Transfer Approval Global (.docx, 48K)
Transfer Credit Evaluation (.pdf, 75K)
Graduate Petition Form (.pdf, 115K)
Graduate Transfer Approval Form (.pdf, 72K)
Tutorial Course Request Form (All Campuses and Modalities) (.pdf, 127K)
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