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Accounting (.pdf, 127K)
Accounting CPA (.pdf, 125K)
Actuarial Science (.pdf, 221K)
Advertising and Public Relations (.pdf, 228K)
Art Drawing (.pdf, 201K)
Art Graphic Design (.pdf, 279K)
Art Painting (.pdf, 115K)
Art Photography (.pdf, 175K)
Art Sculpture (.pdf, 115K)
Associate of Arts (.pdf, 148K)
Associate of Piano Pedagogy (.pdf, 53K)
Biblical Studies (.pdf, 134K)
Biochemistry (.pdf, 114K)
Biology (.pdf, 121K)
Biology Graduate School (.pdf, 126K)
Biology Health Careers (.pdf, 125K)
Biology Secondary Education (.pdf, 121K)
Broadcasting (.pdf, 220K)
Business Administration (.pdf, 217K)
Camping Ministry (.pdf, 229K)
Chemistry (.pdf, 124K)
Chemistry Secondary Educ (.pdf, 66K)
Chemistry Secondary Education (.pdf, 129K)
Childrens Ministry (.pdf, 195K)
Clinical Sociology (.pdf, 128K)
Computer Science (.pdf, 125K)
Criminal Justice (.pdf, 119K)
Drama (.pdf, 175K)
Early Childhood Education (.pdf, 130K)
English Education Secondary (.pdf, 124K)
English Literature (.pdf, 117K)
English Speech (.pdf, 116K)
English Writing (.pdf, 115K)
Finance (.pdf, 118K)
Global Studies (.pdf, 119K)
Health Exercise Science (.pdf, 126K)
History (.pdf, 118K)
History Secondary Education (.pdf, 125K)
Intl Business Econ Dev Track (.pdf, 221K)
Intl Business Entrepreneurship Track (.pdf, 220K)
Intl Business Finance Track (.pdf, 221K)
Intl Business Management Track (.pdf, 222K)
Intl Business Marketing Track (.pdf, 221K)
Intl Business Missions Track (.pdf, 221K)
Intl Business Pol Economy Track (.pdf, 220K)
Language Arts Elementary (.pdf, 154K)
Management Information Systems (.pdf, 118K)
Marketing (.pdf, 116K)
Mathematics (.pdf, 108K)
Mathematics Elementary (.pdf, 128K)
Mathematics Secondary (.pdf, 116K)
Music (.pdf, 130K)
Music Education Instrumental (.pdf, 135K)
Music Education Vocal (.pdf, 134K)
Pastoral Ministry (.pdf, 142K)
Philosophy (.pdf, 133K)
Physical Education Secondary (.pdf, 223K)
Physics Mathematics (.pdf, 124K)
Physics 2 plus 2 Engineering (.pdf, 111K)
Physics 3 plus 3 Engineering (.pdf, 125K)
Political Economy (.pdf, 112K)
Professional Writing (.pdf, 125K)
Psychology (.pdf, 114K)
Recreation Leisure Management (.pdf, 115K)
Social Studies (.pdf, 108K)
Social Studies ELE Group (.pdf, 134K)
Social Studies SEC Comp (.pdf, 150K)
Social Studies SEC Group (.pdf, 121K)
Social Work (.pdf, 128K)
Sociology (.pdf, 108K)
Spanish (.pdf, 107K)
Spanish Elementary (.pdf, 140K)
Spanish Secondary (.pdf, 130K)
Special Education LD ELE (.pdf, 128K)
Special Education LD SEC (.pdf, 118K)
Speech (.pdf, 126K)
Speech Theater Education Secondary (.pdf, 116K)
Theological Studies (.pdf, 139K)
Undecided (.pdf, 207K)
Urban Ministry (.pdf, 143K)
Video and Film (.pdf, 117K)
Visual Arts Education All Concentrations (.pdf, 137K)
Visual Arts Education Drawing (.pdf, 123K)
Visual Arts Education Graphic Design (.pdf, 124K)
Visual Arts Education Painting (.pdf, 123K)
Visual Arts Education Photography (.pdf, 123K)
Visual Arts Education Sculpture (.pdf, 124K)
Visual Communication (.pdf, 131K)
Worship Arts Leadership Drama (.pdf, 124K)
Worship Arts Leadership Vid (.pdf, 124K)
Worship Arts Music (.pdf, 125K)
Worship Ministry (.pdf, 239K)
Youth Ministry (.pdf, 131K)
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Advertising Public Relations (.pdf, 10K)
Art (.pdf, 11K)
Biblical Studies (.pdf, 77K)
Biology (.pdf, 22K)
Broadcasting (.pdf, 10K)
Business Administration (.pdf, 12K)
Chemistry (.pdf, 12K)
Chemistry Secondary Ed (.pdf, 12K)
Childrens Ministry (.pdf, 61K)
Communication Studies (.pdf, 11K)
Computer Science (.pdf, 13K)
Criminal Justice (.pdf, 13K)
Cross Cultural Communication (.pdf, 14K)
Drama (.pdf, 11K)
Early Childhood Education (.pdf, 75K)
English Education (.pdf, 89K)
English Literature (.pdf, 29K)
English Second Language (.pdf, 90K)
English Writing (.pdf, 25K)
Finance (.pdf, 21K)
French (.pdf, 12K)
French Education (.pdf, 14K)
Geography (.pdf, 10K)
Global Missions (.pdf, 81K)
Global Studies (.pdf, 74K)
Health Education Secondary (.pdf, 11K)
History (.pdf, 11K)
History Education (.pdf, 26K)
Integrated Science (.pdf, 12K)
International Business (.pdf, 115K)
Language Arts (.pdf, 99K)
Management Information Systems (.pdf, 83K)
Mathematics (.pdf, 10K)
Mathematics Elementary (.pdf, 10K)
Mathematics Secondary (.pdf, 63K)
Military Science (.pdf, 11K)
Music (.pdf, 17K)
Pastoral Ministry (.pdf, 12K)
Philosophy (.pdf, 11K)
Physical Education Secondary (.pdf, 192K)
Physics (.pdf, 26K)
Political Science (.pdf, 11K)
Political Science Secondary (.pdf, 26K)
Probability Statistics (.pdf, 11K)
Professional Writing (.pdf, 11K)
Psychology (.pdf, 17K)
Psychology Secondary Education (.pdf, 17K)
Reading (.pdf, 74K)
Recreation Leisure Management (.pdf, 15K)
Sociology (.pdf, 11K)
Spanish (.pdf, 11K)
Speech Theater Education Secondary (.pdf, 10K)
Theological Studies (.pdf, 15K)
Urban Studies (.pdf, 33K)
Video Film (.pdf, 11K)
Visual Literacy (.pdf, 10K)
Youth Ministry (.pdf, 12K)
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